Hello, I am Jason Hotchkiss, a board-certified chaplain at VITAS Healthcare, and wellness researcher and psychology faculty at Cornerstone University.  Grateful to cut my teeth in ministry at 3crosses church in Castro Valley, as pastor of care and technology from 2004-10, I completed my seminary education in pastoral ministry and counseling in 2006. With an aim to deepen my clinical skills and integrate wellness with faith, I completed clinical pastoral education (CPE) in 2011 and received my doctorate in psychology at Argosy University in 2014.  My areas of expertise and research interests include spiritual care, well-being, compassion satisfaction, mindfulness, self care, and optimal functioning among healthcare and other helping professionals.


Following a period of poor self-care and the need for major back surgery, I started embracing and researching mindfulness and self-care while applying my expertise in wellness.  Some of my favorite self-care rituals are: daily meditations, morning smoothies, spiritual cinema, swimming, faith community, and coaching basketball with the Junior Warriors. But, most importantly, I love spending evenings and weekends with my lovely, smoothie-master spouse and two growing sons. Though I practice as an interfaith chaplain in healthcare, I am also an ordained pastor from the Judeo-Christian tradition. I am an open-hearted, evangelical and I serve weekends at Bay Area churches and am available to you for preaching, teaching and other speaking engagements.

One of my most cherished aspects of ministry and chaplaincy is the people that I meet and their incredible stories. When I was teaching on The Compassionate Life, Dorothy Calvin, the treasurer and a long-time rock at Grace Community Church, agreed to shared about her compassionate connection with Corretta King, wife of MLK Jr. When we are open to the pain of others, we can come along side them. Notice Corretta’s gratitude for Dorothy and Allen Calvin providing care and protection for her family in their time of grief. May my teaching and Dorothy’s incredible story be a blessing to you.

Here are a few of my additional teachings in audio format to inspire and encourage you.

Jason Hotchkiss

Board-Certified Chaplain

Faculty and Research Psychologist